Comparison is the thief of joy

I don’t know if this is something that is unique to my personality, or other people just don’t talk about it, but when I start working on gaining a skill, I either lose interest, or suddenly want to be the MASTER. That’s why I started trying to practice calligraphy once a week, and that’s why I bumped it up to practicing every day.

I’m obsessed! Well, that’s not the right word, really. I see so many inspiring, beautiful calligraphers, and I want be able to do that. When I’m working on projects, I can see beautiful lettering in my mind but I can’t transfer that to paper. I get impatient, and I want to be good right now.

So, I felt like a long term project would help me consistently work on those skills without becoming discouraged, and give me a chance to actually develop the lettering skills I long for. I picked one of my favorite childhood books – The Horse And His Boy – and I’m copying a page from it every day. The point is to just gain some mastery over the actual tools of the trade, and explore what kind of styles I am interested in. So far, it’s been frustrating but fun. I can see myself getting incrementally better – and it’s a peaceful, creative part of my day.