Calligraphy Here I Come

Hand Drawn wedding invitations

I’ve posted teasers from this project before, and it probably seems like it’s taking me forever to you know, actually put up the project. That’s because this project did indeed take me forever. It’s probably the one thing that I’ve put the most hours into, because every single element is hand made, and because of that I’m insanely proud of it, and want to wait until I can do it justice.

The great thing about this project, however, is that it’s inspired me to continue exploring calligraphy. I’ve dabbled in the past, and I finally bought a book that I think is going to be really helpful in getting to the next level. Although these programs are hand lettered, they aren’t script, and I’d love nothing more than to be able to write in a really beautiful script hand. I’m going to start doing little calligraphy projects for me – so there’s no timeline or pressure to get it done. I’m excited to share some of them here – I love a good hand made project!