Calligraphy Practice

ryan north quote

Hello, my friends! Welcome back to calligraphy practice with Alison. It is also photo styling practice with Alison, as evidenced by the extreme amount of props.

I was going for a more loosey goosey style with this quote, but I think I need to work on having a lighter touch during my upstrokes, since I’d like those lines to be much thinner. I definitely still feel like I’m trying to get more control of my letters, but hopefully that will improve soon. My hands are just so shaky! I don’t know what it is, but you put a calligraphy pen in my hand and suddenly I have 90 year old lady hands. It probably didn’t help that I was doing this sitting at the bar (the one in my kitchen, not like, Cheers) right before dinner, and I could smell all the food, and I was super hungry. Lesson learned.

  • Alison Citron

    Thanks! That’s a good idea – for once in my life my nail chewing habit will come in handy. :)