Bein’ A Bridesmaid – Rehearsal Dinner Outfit

Alison: Rehearsal dinners are hard. If you’re in the wedding, ideally you wouldn’t have to buy a dress, but it’s also your moment to shine, style wise. Obviously you should never try to out-shine the bride, but if you enjoy putting together an outfit, this might be your only chance this weekend to pick out […]

Elizabeth & Joe

Back in May, my cousin Elizabeth got married. I know I’ve mentioned it here, but today I am going to talk about their wedding. It’s a super image heavy post, so get ready! I love weddings, and this one was particularly important to me because Elizabeth is one of my best friends, and it was […]

Being a Bridesmaid: Party Themes

Getting married involves a lot of parties. Not just the wedding, but engagement parties, bachelorette parties, showers of all sorts, and rehearsal dinners. Chances are, if you are a bridesmaid, you’re going to be at least co-hosting one of those parties, and you’ll want it to stand out. Jessica and I came up with a […]

Shower Present Ideas

 Anchor Set | Mills  | Platter | Bucket After taking a break, the Bein’ A Bridesmaid series is back! We are keeping it shorter, and simpler, focusing on single aspects of bridal events. Alison: Salt & pepper mills are a perfect gift. They are on almost every registry, they’re usually pretty budget-friendly, and it’s something […]


Bachelorette party gifts are a tricky road to navigate. Of course, there’s the standard inappropriate, penis shaped stuff, but what if you have a bride who doesn’t think that’s funny? Or what if you are more practical, like me, and hate to spend your money on joke gifts that have no possible use after the […]


  Alison: Ah yes, the bachelorette party. This is probably one of the aspects of bridesmaiding (I think that works well as a verb) that I’m most excited about. I love planning parties, and I enjoy going out to bars, so this seems like a great way to combine the two.  I don’t feel very […]

Bein’ A Bridesmaid, Part 2

Alison: Here’s the thing about being a bridesmaid. You are signing up to wear (and, in most cases, buy) a dress that someone else has picked out for you. This is weird. No one has, most likely, picked out your clothes for you since you were five, unless you’re an actress or model. In that […]

Bein’ A Bridesmaid, Part 1

As I’ve mentioned here before, 2012 is quickly becoming the year of other people’s weddings. I am lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in two of the upcoming events. While I am long distance for one, and it’s a bit harder to be involved, the other wedding is local, and I’ve been what I like […]