Everyday Design – Egg Edition

  In my house, we go through a lot of eggs. So we’ve seen a lot of egg cartons. This design is by far my favorite. It’s simple and unassuming (I sound like Gordon Ramsey – fresh! simple foods!) it is a good continuation of the Fresh Market’s brand, and it isn’t trying to trick […]

Everyday Design

The first time I saw siggi’s yogurt in the store, I stopped in my tracks. It seemed to glow on the shelf, its simple design and non-shiny packaging setting it apart from all of the other, much uglier yogurt containers. Now, I hate yogurt. Even though I am a friend to most dairy products (if […]

Everyday Design – Wine Edition

It’s funny to me that I used to not like wine. When I was little, I would imagine that wine was basically grape juice for adults, and I would constantly be surprised and disappointed when my parents let me take a tiny sip and it was not sweet and delicious. Fast forward 13 years, and […]

Great Food Packaging

Last night I was making dinner when I realized that I should probably stick some sort of vegetable next to my pork chop. I was digging around the freezer looking at our frozen vegetable selection when I found this: I just love it. I know it’s a very mundane thing to wax poetic over, but […]