Friday Fix

It’s the ‘things I want to buy for my shop’ edition. (clockwise from top left) striped washi tape, dog on it paper, someone in your state loves you postcards, kraft airmail envelopes, hot pink washi tape, indigo stripe paper, distinguished panel paper, blue + red crosses washi tape, paper twine

Friday Fix

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday (happy birthday mom!) so I’m in the birthday mood…

Friday Fix: Light Up

I am a sucker for beautiful lighting. Unfortunately roughly 1% of the lamps I love are within my price range. But they can’t stop me from looking…  

Friday Fix: KITTENS!

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Bright Purse Roundup

Unfortunately most of these bags are sold out. That will not stop me from featuring them on my blog. Maybe if they are publicized enough, they will bring them back in stock and then I can buy them all!

Friday Fix: Triangles

It isn’t hip to be square any more… take away one of those sides and make it a triangle! A staple in hipster art, I think they are also pretty cute when they are living it up as home and fashion accessories.

Space Themed Accessories Roundup

These are the voyages of the Star Ship En- I mean, if I were a space explorer, I would definitely accessorize the part – so without further ado, here is my space themed accessories roundup.

Friday Fix: Notebooks

I have something of an addiction to office supplies, and notebooks are at the top of that list. I habitually carry a notebook around with me, and even though I don’t burn through them that quickly, it doesn’t stop me from eagerly planning out my next notebook purchase (even though I usually just stick with […]

Friday Fix: Sit!

Ever since getting a dog, I have not only turned into a slightly crazy dog lady, I have also been on the lookout for cute dog accessories! It seems like Old Navy dried up their adorable dog collars and leashes just when I finally had a need for them, and it is really difficult to […]

Friday Fix: Summertime

I have been looking forward to summer since oh, about November. It is my favorite season. It feels like everyone is celebrating all the time, what with all the outdoor eating, the pool going, the cute outfits, the list goes on and on.. Since it is just February, here are a few pics to get […]