Quick Calligraphy

Hey! It’s me! I’ve been terrible about posting this week, but I wanted to put this up mostly because I’m preeettty proud of it, and I thought maybe you could use a little inspiration on this lovely Thursday as well. I was reading Emily Henderson’s post about her birth plan (which.. is normal? I’ll read […]


The second half of this year has been a little rough for me. I had a really good first half. It felt like things were picking up with my business, and stuff was going the way it was supposed to. What happened then was that I took on too much, and stalled out a little […]

Rabbit, Rabbit

image by kelly *I still don’t know what that means or why it’s a thing but someone mentions it on twitter every month so…. I have decided that November 1st might just be my favorite day of the year. Here I am, another successful Halloween under my belt (we got invited to a party! I […]


I don’t know if this is something that is unique to my personality, or other people just don’t talk about it, but when I start working on gaining a skill, I either lose interest, or suddenly want to be the MASTER. That’s why I started trying to practice calligraphy once a week, and that’s why […]

Calligraphy Practice

Hello, my friends! Welcome back to calligraphy practice with Alison. It is also photo styling practice with Alison, as evidenced by the extreme amount of props. I was going for a more loosey goosey style with this quote, but I think I need to work on having a lighter touch during my upstrokes, since I’d […]

How to Not Suck At Calligraphy

So lately I’ve been feeling like I need to step up my calligraphy game. I’m not sure what I expected – it’s not like I’ve picked up a pen since I did this, and for me at least, calligraphy is a skill where, if I don’t practice, I not only won’t get better, but my […]