Chris-MIX 2013

If you hate holiday music you should just move along, because this post is going to really annoy you. I LOVE holiday music. This should come as a surprise to no one, since I like to think I am a pretty festive person in general, and I completely buy into every kind of special holiday […]

Mixtape 08 // 1957

Photo courtesy of oomf, type by me. After I decided on a new posting schedule, I wasn’t quite sure if I was going to do any more mixtapes. I really don’t want to post anything that feels like filler, because I mean, if I’m taking a break from blogs because I feel like a lot […]

Mixtape 07 /// pep in your step

Lately I’ve been loving some upbeat, summery tunes, and everything Mumford and Sons. Since it would be boring to make a playlist that was just Mumford and Sons, I compiled a list of some of my other favorites. Just put this on and then do some of your favorite summer clichés: going on a road […]

Mixtape 06 // Class Act

Listen Here I really love older music. I’m talking 50s/60s swingy, jazzy stuff. It’s just my jam! There’s just a romance and craftsmanship to that music that I respond to – and there’s really nothing better than putting on some Etta James, pouring an after-work cocktail and putting up your feet. Anyway, these are just […]

Mixtape 04 /// Easy Breezy

Listen Here I actually tried to keep this mixtape on the more chill side, but I guess I’m just loving upbeat tunes lately! These songs all make me think of breezy spring days, and of sipping sparkling water on a picnic blanket. Enjoy!

Mixtape 03 // up up up

Listen here Today’s mixtape has a little bit of everything – but I’ve been loving these songs when I’m working and I need something that’s upbeat but not distracting.  

Mixtape 03 // Royal

click here to listen Today’s mixtape is a little upbeat, a little weird, and great for when you need to focus on your work, but you want to jam to some good music at the same time. It’s probably my favorite mixtape yet! photo by superfamous

Mixtape 02 // New Day

 Click here to listen Mornings are hard – it takes me like 2 hours to fully wake up – so I thought I’d make a mix to put a little pep in your step when you first wake up. Enjoy! (Semi related: I cannot figure out how to properly use Spotify. I feel like I’m […]

Mixtape 01 // Stars & Strings

Listen here I have a confession to make – I have hated when bloggers post mix ‘tapes’ in the past. I thought it was dumb, and I didn’t listen to them. In fact, I wouldn’t really call myself a ‘music’ person. I mean sure, I played piano for 10 years, and sure, there are artists […]