How to Not Suck At Calligraphy

So lately I’ve been feeling like I need to step up my calligraphy game. I’m not sure what I expected – it’s not like I’ve picked up a pen since I did this, and for me at least, calligraphy is a skill where, if I don’t practice, I not only won’t get better, but my […]

Friday Flowers

Hooray for summer, am I right or am I right?? When I saw those bells of ireland at the grocery store, I couldn’t resist. The hydrangeas are actually from my yard, and I have to tell you, that plant is probably one of my favorite things about living in this apartment. I have been trying […]

Mixtape 06 // Class Act

Listen Here I really love older music. I’m talking 50s/60s swingy, jazzy stuff. It’s just my jam! There’s just a romance and craftsmanship to that music that I respond to – and there’s really nothing better than putting on some Etta James, pouring an after-work cocktail and putting up your feet. Anyway, these are just […]

What I Ate

1. I just got back from a little trip up to Boston, and this post should be more accurately titled: What I didn’t eat. We enjoyed ice cream almost every night from JP Lick’s , hit up the Sam Adam’s brewery tour, went back to Render Coffee because it’s just that good, and ate at […]

Friday Flowers

For this edition of friday flowers I’m using alstroemeria, spray mums, and ferns. If this sounds familiar, it’s because it’s the second half of a bouquet I did a couple weeks ago! I’ve been experimenting with different vase shapes, and it’s cool to see how how simply using a different vase can result in a […]

Mixtape 04 /// Easy Breezy

Listen Here I actually tried to keep this mixtape on the more chill side, but I guess I’m just loving upbeat tunes lately! These songs all make me think of breezy spring days, and of sipping sparkling water on a picnic blanket. Enjoy!

Friday Flowers

My mom is (of course) an amazing gardener, and since I’ve been doing this flower project, I’ve had a whole new appreciation for her beautiful garden. She was nice enough to let me scavenge around the yard and grab some flowers – which was such a treat. There was a lot going on in the […]

What I Ate – Margarita Edition

This past Sunday David and I hosted a Mother’s Day kid’s potluck. That is when all of the children bring food, and all the mothers involved (David’s mom and my mom) do not. We decided to have a taco bar, because when I was planning this it was close to Cinco De Mayo and I […]

Mixtape 03 // up up up

Listen here Today’s mixtape has a little bit of everything – but I’ve been loving these songs when I’m working and I need something that’s upbeat but not distracting.  

What I’m Eating

1. Recently I ate the largest apple I’ve ever seen in my life. It was the size of my face. 2. I started eating low carb again because I totally fell off the wagon this winter, and apparently it’s not cute when your thighs explode out of your shorts like croissant dough. It hasn’t been […]