Shop Feature: Tree Hollow Designs

I’m always on the look out for unique art for my home. Unfortunately, at this stage it’s mostly looking – my walls are maxed out! I was excited to come across Tree Hollow Designs – I love Jessica’s watercolor prints (especially that lil’ narwhal!) and it’s definitely worth clicking through to see her landscapes – […]

Shopaholic: Blink

Something I’ve noticed about the blog community is that it can feel like the same shops/items get featured on blogs over and over again. If something shows up in one place, it’s sure to filter through about 10 different blogs over the next month, and it can get boring. There are a lot of good […]

Love It

Painting by Carrie Booth – Society6 My mom and I have been taking a watercolor class together for the past couple of weeks. While it’s been fun to try to pick up a new skill, what I’ve really learned is how hard it is to be good at watercolor! This little fox looks so loose […]