Year Round Wrapping Station

A dream of mine came true the other day. An actual dream. The dream of someday having my very own wrapping station. I don’t even know why I dreamt of this since I was just a young girl, flipping through my mom’s home magazines, but I did, and now I have my own. I thought […]

DIY Cones

A couple years ago my cousin gave me this sequined tree as a gift for Christmas. I love it – I like the modern shape and it’s sparkly so it’s really pushing all my buttons. After a few years decorating with it, however, I decided it was a little lonely and needed some friends. I’ve […]

DIY Wire Ornaments

When we were putting up our tree this year, I realized I never shared these ornaments I made last year. I love those wire hangers that people use in wedding photos all the time, and I thought that would make an excellent ornaments. It took a little practice but I could pretty quickly make some […]

Embroidered Monogram Ornaments

Holiday ornaments are an easy way to give an awesome gift. I love that my tree is filled with mostly gifted ornaments – I have some that my aunt made for me in the late 80s, and early 90s, and I love putting up my tree and having a nice memory attached to each ornament. […]

Easy Peasy Octagonal Tree Skirt

  Look, I made a real tree skirt! I felt like since I have a sewing machine now, my yard of flannel that I never even bothered to finish was not really cutting it in the tree skirt department any more. Back when we went to the beige fabric store, I had found this fabric. […]

Gifts (you can make) Guide: Boozy Stuff

This is a running joke between David and I – we are always gifting/receiving alcohol for Christmas. It’s kind of the perfect gift, because we tend to like gifts the gift-ee can consume, and if you know the person’s taste, it’s pretty easy to get something you know they’ll be excited about. HowEVER, I worry […]

7 Organizing Tips & Tricks

You guys, I have a goal for the end of 2013. And that goal is to kill it in December. Every year I come up with all of these ideas for fun holiday projects and activities, and every year I wait too long and I end up being stressed and doing everything last minute. Last […]

New Dog Bed

So I kind of lied earlier this week… because I forgot about my most recent sewing success. It’s a dog bed! Caspian really likes to be with us (…I think), so we’ve always had a comfy dog bed out in the main room of our apartment. It was actually a cushion from an outdoor love […]

Make Some Cozy Shit

photos by: SAS interiors, the pinkbook, and Rikki Snyder Lately I’ve been feeling this need to make my house better. I think part of this is because I’ve been slackin’ all summer, and everything would benefit from a good cleaning out, but I think part of it is because I am just like every other […]


Like every girl with an internet connection, I like Pinterest a lot. I love the eye candy. I love finding breathtakingly expensive shoes to drool over, the beautifully designed spaces that make me feel vaguely inadequate about my own living space, and I especially love the links that are like: 16 unexpected tricks to keep […]