Grown Up Drinks For Christmas

Aaah, the holidays. The season of family, friends, cold weather, good cheer, and … cocktails! A problem I run into every year is that I want to drink something festive, but I can’t think of anything appropriately Christmassy that isn’t super sugary. Well, this year I’ve kept my eye out for good seasonal drinks, and […]

Gifts (you can make) Guide: Boozy Stuff

This is a running joke between David and I – we are always gifting/receiving alcohol for Christmas. It’s kind of the perfect gift, because we tend to like gifts the gift-ee can consume, and if you know the person’s taste, it’s pretty easy to get something you know they’ll be excited about. HowEVER, I worry […]

Gift (You Can Make) Guide – Eat It!

photo courtesy of how sweet eats. Okay you guys, I can’t help it – I’m making some gift guides. I wasn’t going to, but I have so many gift ideas that if I tried to make them for everyone I would go broke and insane, so I’m just going to leave them here to hopefully […]

8 More Healthy Freezer Meals

I am still on my freezer meal kick over here. This is probably the longest I’ve ever been into a certain way of eating food. It is just so easy, and I never get tired of being like ugh, I don’t want to cook – I DON’T HAVE TO! I’ve definitely been slacking more on […]

16 Copycat Candy Bar Recipes

It’s an indisputable fact that the best part about Halloween is the candy. I’m not really a sweets girl, but somehow that all goes out the window the last week of October, and suddenly I have a mysteriously vanishing candy bowl and there are no regrets. Unfortunately we don’t really get trick or treaters in […]

Halloween Drinks For Grown Ups

So, I’ll be honest with you – I initially was just going to do a roundup of drinks I found on Pinterest that fit in with a Halloween theme. After all, drinking at Halloween is the only redeeming factor of being too old to go ask for free candy without being pathetic. But for once, […]

9 Paleo Friendly freezer meals

  I really like to cook, and have kind of defaulted into being the point person for dinner, since I am also very picky.  I am also very lazy. Cooking is hard! When I lived at home, my job was to prepare dinner three nights a week. I appreciate that my mom taught me how […]

Mac and Cheese, Please

SO. I really outdid myself on this one. Like… I’m going to try to be modest, but seriously – this is kind of a life changing idea that I came up with! All on my own. A quick disclaimer: If you eat normal food like a regular person, this is a great healthy-ish(the ish depends […]

Easy Snacks – Garlic Crackers

I am queen of the snacks. I love them. If I could, I would go about my day just eating little snacks every couple of hours (who am I kidding, probably every hour on the hour). In fact, my favorite meal of the year is New Year’s Eve dinner, when my mom and my aunt […]

What I Ate

  1. I know you’re all on the edge of your seat, wondering how David’s birthday dinner went. It was great! We ate stuffed peppers (the recipe: red peppers, rice, ground beef, cottage cheese, basil, oregano, whatever else I feel like putting in them, ya welcome.), Cesar salad (secret family recipe), and we finished it […]