Grown Up Drinks For Christmas

Aaah, the holidays. The season of family, friends, cold weather, good cheer, and … cocktails! A problem I run into every year is that I want to drink something festive, but I can’t think of anything appropriately Christmassy that isn’t super sugary. Well, this year I’ve kept my eye out for good seasonal drinks, and […]

Gifts (you can make) Guide: Boozy Stuff

This is a running joke between David and I – we are always gifting/receiving alcohol for Christmas. It’s kind of the perfect gift, because we tend to like gifts the gift-ee can consume, and if you know the person’s taste, it’s pretty easy to get something you know they’ll be excited about. HowEVER, I worry […]

Gift (You Can Make) Guide – Eat It!

photo courtesy of how sweet eats. Okay you guys, I can’t help it – I’m making some gift guides. I wasn’t going to, but I have so many gift ideas that if I tried to make them for everyone I would go broke and insane, so I’m just going to leave them here to hopefully […]

8 More Healthy Freezer Meals

I am still on my freezer meal kick over here. This is probably the longest I’ve ever been into a certain way of eating food. It is just so easy, and I never get tired of being like ugh, I don’t want to cook – I DON’T HAVE TO! I’ve definitely been slacking more on […]

16 Copycat Candy Bar Recipes

It’s an indisputable fact that the best part about Halloween is the candy. I’m not really a sweets girl, but somehow that all goes out the window the last week of October, and suddenly I have a mysteriously vanishing candy bowl and there are no regrets. Unfortunately we don’t really get trick or treaters in […]

Halloween Drinks For Grown Ups

So, I’ll be honest with you – I initially was just going to do a roundup of drinks I found on Pinterest that fit in with a Halloween theme. After all, drinking at Halloween is the only redeeming factor of being too old to go ask for free candy without being pathetic. But for once, […]

9 Paleo Friendly freezer meals

  I really like to cook, and have kind of defaulted into being the point person for dinner, since I am also very picky.  I am also very lazy. Cooking is hard! When I lived at home, my job was to prepare dinner three nights a week. I appreciate that my mom taught me how […]

Easy Snacks – Garlic Crackers

I am queen of the snacks. I love them. If I could, I would go about my day just eating little snacks every couple of hours (who am I kidding, probably every hour on the hour). In fact, my favorite meal of the year is New Year’s Eve dinner, when my mom and my aunt […]

Icebox Cake

Did you guys know about icebox cakes? According to Wikipedia, they were first introduced to Americans during World War I, and you can still find the recipe on the side of the Nabisco chocolate wafer box. “The back-of-the-box recipe on Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers indicates that the wafers are stacked to form a log with […]

In the Kitchen: Graduation Coleslaw

My mom has a box of recipe cards that I’m fairly certain hold some of the world’s best recipes. That’s where most of our Christmas cookies, like the  Velvety Sugar Cookies, live, along with countless other delicious recipes. My favorite part about looking at recipes from that box is the fact that most of the […]