Freelancing: One Year

So, one year. I’m sitting here, staring down my blank screen, and I’m not even quite sure what I want to say about being a freelancer of one year. I think the best way to do it is to use the one tool that’s been the most help to me over this past year: a […]

One Year Later

Let me be honest, I spent most of yesterday thinking it was Friday, so today is a little bit of a letdown. Lucky for me, today is actually Friday, and I’m excited for this weekend! Can you believe that the 4th of July is almost here? I always feel a little panicky around the 4th. […]

Identity Crisis

Coming up with names has never been something that I consider myself especially good at. I’m pretty literal, so even in my childhood I called my grandparents “Grandma” and “Grandpa”, and one of my favorite stuffed animals was called “Pink Bear”. I’ll leave it up to your imagination what that particular toy looked like. I […]

Freelance, Month 11

I just now realized that I accidentally skipped a month of documenting my freelance journey. Whoops! Either way, my first year of freelancing is coming to a close. The time has passed much more quickly than I would have anticipated, and half of me is psyched about how far I’ve come, while the other half […]

Staying Motivated

It’s safe to say that I am goal oriented almost to a fault. I love the sense of accomplishment that I get from checking something off my list, big or small. Setting goals is how I stay motivated. However, setting and reaching goals is kind of like sprinting. Freelancing is more like marathon running. (I […]

The Maker’s Schedule

A couple weeks ago, David was telling me about an article  he read explaining the difference between a maker and a manager’s schedule. It’s written more from the point of view of a developer, but I thought a lot of what he was saying applied to designers as well. To briefly recap the article, (which […]

Freelance, Month 9

  If you’ve been reading along, you know that this past month was pretty hectic. I had a couple setbacks, which taught me a few things about time and project management. However, the most important issue this month was work/life balance. I am very good at maintaining a work/life balance when I don’t have a […]

Vacations and Stay-cations

Last weekend I packed up my belongings, and headed off to Charleston with David and a couple of other friends. When we got back, I had built in a couple extra days for a stay-cation, and I basically bummed around Raleigh, reading lots of books and catching up with friends. I know that I’ve said […]

Why Freelance?

I know I’ve been talking about the dark side of freelancing recently. The loss of motivation, the fear that you may never be as successful as you hope, those are pretty big things to deal with on a regular basis. It helps to talk about it, but I know sometimes people must be wondering, why […]


Super honesty time: This has been a crappy day, following a crazy week. I feel like I have been working nonstop (I was up until 2 last night working on stuff… and it’s quickly becoming the norm), and today has had more than its share of rejection. As frustrating as it is to feel like […]