A Quickie Lack Hack

Happy Friday! The roughest week of the year is over – doesn’t it feel great to have that behind you? The whole transitioning-back-into-real-life thing has been especially rough for us as David has been battling some sort of illness that’s knocked him completely out of commission for way, way too long. He’s finally recovering, but […]

Year Round Wrapping Station

A dream of mine came true the other day. An actual dream. The dream of someday having my very own wrapping station. I don’t even know why I dreamt of this since I was just a young girl, flipping through my mom’s home magazines, but I did, and now I have my own. I thought […]

Decorate for me, will you?

Okay. SO. Yesterday my mom and I made the trip out to High Point to visit a fabric store that she had heard about, that had amazing deals but you had to dig for it. It was basically a big warehouse, and I was pretty much along for the ride, as I had a few […]

Bedroom Curtains?

Something exciting happened last Friday. I learned some grey linen curtains were up for grabs (my mom had made them and didn’t want them any more, my house is basically decorated in her hand me downs, I’m adult, it’s fine.) I have been putting off making curtains for my room for a while now, and […]

7 Organizing Tips & Tricks

You guys, I have a goal for the end of 2013. And that goal is to kill it in December. Every year I come up with all of these ideas for fun holiday projects and activities, and every year I wait too long and I end up being stressed and doing everything last minute. Last […]

Rug Swap

Caspian may look like he doesn’t want his picture taken, but if that’s the case then maybe he should try not laying down directly in front of the camera. Juust sayin. I got my hands on a new rug for our living room. It wasn’t planned, but I hadn’t been super happy with our old […]

What a Sham

My bedroom is still feeling a little unfinished. Probably because it is. I want to add curtains, and I even had fabric for them, but the more I sit on it, the more I don’t think it’s quite right for the space, and I should just get some plain white fabric, instead. I also really […]


Like every girl with an internet connection, I like Pinterest a lot. I love the eye candy. I love finding breathtakingly expensive shoes to drool over, the beautifully designed spaces that make me feel vaguely inadequate about my own living space, and I especially love the links that are like: 16 unexpected tricks to keep […]

My New Office

It’s been a while since I got my new office closets. And I haven’t really felt like I’ve gotten the space to a point where I can show off my amaazing new office. I felt really bad about it. I’m a designer! My office space should be beautiful, inspiring, immaculate… It is some of those […]

Somewhere Beyond The Sea…

You may remember when I hung these tea towels over my couch, and I was real excited about it. I was going to get them a frame and everything, which is big commitment in my book. Then I stenciled the wall, and I sure as hell wasn’t hanging those tea towels (or ANYTHING) up over […]