Year Round Wrapping Station

A dream of mine came true the other day. An actual dream. The dream of someday having my very own wrapping station. I don’t even know why I dreamt of this since I was just a young girl, flipping through my mom’s home magazines, but I did, and now I have my own. I thought […]

My New Office

It’s been a while since I got my new office closets. And I haven’t really felt like I’ve gotten the space to a point where I can show off my amaazing new office. I felt really bad about it. I’m a designer! My office space should be beautiful, inspiring, immaculate… It is some of those […]

Big Changes

Yes, that’s my brother. No, he isn’t in charge of this project, thank goodness. So, this week got a little interesting. A project that we’d been wanting to do for a while (that begins with ‘c’ and ends with ‘losets’) got bumped up, meaning that this week we moved half of our apartment into the […]

Office Dreaming

sources: rug, ice cream print, pencil cup, succulent photo, tray I’ve slowly started taking steps toward upgrading my office. I bought fabric for my chair (I was going to fix it up this weekend but it was too cold, BOO weather, BOO!) and I’m waffling between painting a wall in a coral ombre (like this) […]

Vintage Office Chair

My office is kind of the final frontier as far as styling my apartment goes. While every other room may not reach the pinnacle of design and function that I have envisioned – like, I’m not saying that my home is the ultimate place to live and be – I would say that for the […]

It Just Needed Some Deskorations

As some of you may know, David’s computer has lived in the closet for a couple of months now. It’s a pretty sweet deal. The office still feels more open, and it’s much easier to keep clean now that we have space to, you know, move around and stuff. But I felt bad, because the […]

The Office, Part 2

So, the last time I talked about my office, I had a lot of complaints and not a lot of solutions. I sort of whined for a little bit, and then went on doing absolutely nothing to make it better. What can I say, sometimes I just need to let it settle for a while! […]

The Office

Ever since David’s dad conjured up an amazing workspace for me, I’ve been spending way more time in my office. It’s great to be able to get up and leave whatever I’m working on and not worry about leaving a mess in the middle of the apartment. Making stuff is messy, you can’t escape it.  […]

New Desk!

For the longest time, I have been doing my more ‘crafty’ work at the kitchen table. It sucked. My supplies were scattered all over the apartment, making it impossible to quickly find things. Every time I finished up for the day, I either had to clean all of my stuff up, or just stare at […]

Dwight, you ignorant slut

So, I sat down to write a post, and then this guy came over to do a little light maintenance, and Caspian has a history of hating him for some weird reason, so now I am writing this with a slightly panicked 80 pound dog breathing on my elbow and pawing at me for comfort. […]