I Can Keep A Dog Alive, Why Not A Plant?

It really bothers me that I am so bad with plants. Admittedly, I’ve had some bad luck, which has driven me to indoor plants (one of my neighbors ripped out my vegetable garden without telling me before moving away because it was ‘on his side’), but I have even killed succulents, which are supposedly the […]

Wreath Fail

So remember the wreath I was so proud of? About a week after I placed it on our front door, it crisped up like a piece of bacon. Every lush leaf shriveled, and the rosemary turned dry and gray. “Happy Holidays”, said our front door, “It’s the thought that counts, right?”. Wrong. It’s taken me […]

All Decked Out

I thought I’d share a few snapshots from around our apartment lately. Since I am a friend of Martha, and spend all my time at home, we usually get pretty into decorating. Look at this little guy! He warms my heart. David and I don’t have a tree topper, and it’s become a tradition that […]

Pocket Size

I mentioned on Monday that I have organization on the brain, and that’s sort of morphed into me obsessing over my next decorating project. I’ve never been super into how my bedroom looks. It just seems like a random assortment of furniture with no overall cohesion, and while I have one good piece in the […]


Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Even though I hate scary movies/things, I love candy and dressing up, and I especially love having Halloween parties. I told myself this year that I wasn’t going to make it too elaborate, but then I got on Pinterest, and it was all over. There are just so […]

All I Ever Do Is Paint

I want to start this post off by saying that stenciling is the worst. The. Worst. I woke up on a Saturday morning and thought I could run out, buy supplies, and be done by dinner. Two days later, I was finally finished, at MIDNIGHT. After buying several different kinds of paint, in search of […]

It Always Comes Back To Grey

I finally painted! It only took me four months to decide on a color. When I first moved in, I chose what I thought would be a pretty light grey, but on the walls it translated to a light blue that didn’t do anything for me. I decided that I wanted to go with something […]

Where My Friends Live: Jessica & Dawson

My pal Jessica came to Raleigh this weekend. It was so fun, not only because she has a great group of friends that I am not-so-secretly plotting to make my own, but we also got to talk in real life about what we talk about every day online: blogging and our homes. When she asked […]

DIY Edison Light Fixture

When we switched our family and dining rooms around, the only thing that didn’t totally work in the new family room was the chandelier. It was swagged in a corner, so nobody hit their head or anything but… it also looked like a chandelier in a living room. The thing about my decorating style is, […]

Over The Couch

When we rearranged the furniture, I just kind of threw some canvases up on a wall without thinking too much about it. They were all paintings by my talented mother, and while I love them individually, I ended up really not liking them over the couch. They just looked unfinished without frames, the diagonal angle […]