7 Organizing Tips & Tricks

You guys, I have a goal for the end of 2013. And that goal is to kill it in December. Every year I come up with all of these ideas for fun holiday projects and activities, and every year I wait too long and I end up being stressed and doing everything last minute. Last […]

What a Sham

My bedroom is still feeling a little unfinished. Probably because it is. I want to add curtains, and I even had fabric for them, but the more I sit on it, the more I don’t think it’s quite right for the space, and I should just get some plain white fabric, instead. I also really […]

making my own clothes

Transitional months are always a little tough for me. I want so badly to live in the moment and enjoy what I’m experiencing.. in this case, summer, but I’m also always looking forward to the season ahead. I have work really hard at staying in the present, and not fantasizing about the future, aka birthday/halloween/thanksgiving/fall […]

On Not Caring

What it is about summer that makes me seriously question every choice I’ve ever made? Does that happen to you, too? You may have noticed that I’ve been somewhat absent from my blog – that’s because a) I’ve been trying to get ahead on posts and ironically enough that means I don’t have time to […]

Currently Inspired By…

Lately, I’ve been in the weird position of wanting to blog more, but not feeling like anything is interesting enough to actually blog about. In fact, I’ve been feeling disillusioned with blogging in general. So when my friend Jessica asked me if I’d been reading Mrs. Lilien, I thought meh, I guess I can check […]


When I was a little kid, I loved Calvin and Hobbes. Like, LOVED it. My dad had all the books, so I’d read them over and over again, in chronological order. I haven’t read them in years, but my parents gave me a box set of the whole collection a while back that has a […]

Where My Friends Live: Jessica & Dawson

My pal Jessica came to Raleigh this weekend. It was so fun, not only because she has a great group of friends that I am not-so-secretly plotting to make my own, but we also got to talk in real life about what we talk about every day online: blogging and our homes. When she asked […]

Love The Look

This morning I was digging around on Pinterest, and I came across this awesome image by Jens Herrndorff. I’ve been digging bold, simple imagery lately – this has me totally inspired.

This Week in Photos

How do I know it’s Friday? My apartment is a mess, there’s nothing to eat except for tequila infused watermelon slices (not that I’m complaining), and I’m inexplicably grumpy (an Alison Citron Friday phenomenon). Since I don’t have anything nice to say, I won’t say anything at all, and will instead share some of my […]

A Trip Outside

We Went To The Park! from Alison Citron on Vimeo. Last week, David and I realized that we were at our 2 and a half year dating anniversary. We’re not really big on celebrating relationship milestones like that – it’s not a big surprise that we ‘made it’ another month or year or anything – […]