A Trip Outside

We Went To The Park! from Alison Citron on Vimeo. Last week, David and I realized that we were at our 2 and a half year dating anniversary. We’re not really big on celebrating relationship milestones like that – it’s not a big surprise that we ‘made it’ another month or year or anything – […]

All I Want For Christmas Is You

This video includes two of my favorite things – Mariah Carey’s song and dancing – and perfectly illustrates how I feel on the inside whenever I am listening to music through my headphones in public.

70 Million

I’m taking a class that meets once a month for three hours. I’m not sure why I signed up for it, because I am incapable of paying attention to anything for three hours, and my attention span is even shorter when I have my computer in front of me. This is why last night I […]

Eat, Move, Learn

I’ve always said I wanted to travel, but the closer I get to being in a place where it could be a reality, the more bogged down I get in the details. Sure, traveling sounds fun, but I’d probably have to get on a plane to get there, I wouldn’t get to sleep in my […]

Friday Fix: KITTENS!

This is the best thing I’ve ever seen.