When I was a little kid, I loved Calvin and Hobbes. Like, LOVED it. My dad had all the books, so I’d read them over and over again, in chronological order. I haven’t read them in years, but my parents gave me a box set of the whole collection a while back that has a […]


I look at a lot of stuff on the internet. It’s a great form of inspiration, being constantly bombarded with images. I’m always amazed at the beautiful things people can create – and I’m always filing away techniques and ideas to try with my own stuff. However, I feel like I can become desensitized. I […]

4 Sweet Invitation Designs

I have just begun working on some custom invitation suites, and I have been scouring the internet for some good inspiration. At the beginning of a project, I usually get a little overwhelmed and the creative side of my brain will shut down, leaving me feeling like I will never design anything good ever again. […]