Do you guys watch Once Upon A Time? It’s okay if you don’t, it’s an ABC Family original series, and I’m kind of embarrassed to admit that I love it. When we started watching it, it was the perfect storm of TV boredom, one of the Bobbies from Mad Men, the show being juust entertaining […]

The Life Aquatic With D Zissou

I’ve been actively trying to be craftier lately. It started when I realized that if I wasn’t working, exercising, or cleaning… I didn’t really have anything fun to do, besides watch TV like the couch potato I not-so-secretly am. I’ve known how to knit for years, but I lost interest because let’s be honest, there […]


My interest in the weather was much higher than usual this weekend. As the hurricane made its way up the coast, we expected the worst, (we even made a hurricane survival box) but actually we were lucky and only got a lot of rain and some wind. Because of the weather, I basically didn’t leave […]