Good Lord, Just Make Up Your Damn Mind Already!

This is what I’ve been doing lately – arranging my work on slabs of marble. It’s pretty fancy. I’ve been thinking a lot about blogging lately. Thinking about it, but not actually doing it. What I was doing was just not working for me, it turns out. First, it was a ton of work, and […]

Introducing One & Only Custom Stationery!

Hey guys. Or probably more accurately, hi Mom and Elizabeth, the only two people who still bother to check this site after I abandoned it (and you, I’m sorry!) for a couple months. I’m back! I didn’t realize when I stopped blogging how much I needed a break, but on the other side of it, […]

Happy New Year!

photo via unsplash I hope you all had a wonderful New Year! Not to totally brag, but I had a really stellar 2013. I take any opportunity to reflect, so obviously I’ve been doing a lot of that recently, and I’m just trying to really slow down and appreciate what’s happened, and what’s happening. I […]

Letterpressed Christmas Cards

I am all about some holiday cards. I just love getting them in the mail, and I OF COURSE make a big project out of sending them. I have been working on this year’s cards since November, and I am going to share them here because unlike last year, when I did a terrible job, […]

DIY Cones

A couple years ago my cousin gave me this sequined tree as a gift for Christmas. I love it – I like the modern shape and it’s sparkly so it’s really pushing all my buttons. After a few years decorating with it, however, I decided it was a little lonely and needed some friends. I’ve […]

DIY Wire Ornaments

When we were putting up our tree this year, I realized I never shared these ornaments I made last year. I love those wire hangers that people use in wedding photos all the time, and I thought that would make an excellent ornaments. It took a little practice but I could pretty quickly make some […]

Grown Up Drinks For Christmas

Aaah, the holidays. The season of family, friends, cold weather, good cheer, and … cocktails! A problem I run into every year is that I want to drink something festive, but I can’t think of anything appropriately Christmassy that isn’t super sugary. Well, this year I’ve kept my eye out for good seasonal drinks, and […]

Embroidered Monogram Ornaments

Holiday ornaments are an easy way to give an awesome gift. I love that my tree is filled with mostly gifted ornaments – I have some that my aunt made for me in the late 80s, and early 90s, and I love putting up my tree and having a nice memory attached to each ornament. […]

Easy Peasy Octagonal Tree Skirt

  Look, I made a real tree skirt! I felt like since I have a sewing machine now, my yard of flannel that I never even bothered to finish was not really cutting it in the tree skirt department any more. Back when we went to the beige fabric store, I had found this fabric. […]

I Made Felted Stockings

I’ve always been a little stocking obsessed. When I was small my mom made my stocking that still hangs in our home today. I loved it – it’s got applique and little bells on it and it was basically like a toy that got filled with toys. I’ve also always liked the idea of filling […]