Luckily we have this super cool photo to forever document our trip – I can’t even believe I’m showing this to anyone. A couple weekends ago, David and I went ziplining, as part of his ongoing Christmas present. I realized a while ago if I wanted to be the fun person who does cool things […]

Boston Calling

The great thing about having a BFF who lives in a super cool city is that I get to visit said city as much as I want, basically. I mean.. I think she’d notice if I moved in permanently, but it’s really fun to have such easy access to a place I am growing to […]

Road Trip 2012: Boston | Annapolis | Home

Highlights: + Basically the whole trip was a highlight. It was so great to see my friend Liz again. When she left, I didn’t realize how much I would miss having her in Raleigh, but honestly I don’t think a week goes by where I don’t say “I wish Liz was here.” So it was […]

Road Trip 2012 – Niagara Falls | Concord | Salem

We were really excited to get to Niagara Falls. David had never been, and I was excited to explore the American side. It turned out to be kind of a bummer that we couldn’t go into Canada (David’s passport did not arrive in time) because the American side was pretty deserted. The upside was that […]

Road Trip 2012 – Raleigh | Ohio | Chicago | Milwaukee

I have a lifelong dream of packing up the car, and taking off on a cross-country, months long road trip. Maybe it’s the fact that on family vacations, we traveled almost exclusively by car, or just the romantic notion of hitting the open road, but the idea is always in the back of my mind. […]

Elizabeth & Joe

Back in May, my cousin Elizabeth got married. I know I’ve mentioned it here, but today I am going to talk about their wedding. It’s a super image heavy post, so get ready! I love weddings, and this one was particularly important to me because Elizabeth is one of my best friends, and it was […]

I don’t know how people did road trips before the internet