The Office

David and I have been having a major Office moment lately. We’ve watched the show regularly for a while – although I have to say, I am hoping the current season is the last – and now that it’s on Netflix, it’s easy to just put it on when I’m cooking dinner, or painting my […]

Being Elmo

I’m not usually much of a documentary person. I like the concept, but something about the format usually means that I’m sound asleep halfway through the movie. David loves documentaries,  so I’ve been trying to be a little more open to the concept. We’ve been watching a lot of How It’s Made, is all I’m […]

Mad Men Is Back!

I know, I know, I’m way behind, but I only realized last night that the full episodes are available to watch online! (At AMC’s website.) I will confess, it took me about a season to really get into Mad Men. I found it depressing and slow at first. I would fall asleep through every episode, […]


I watch a lot of TV. It’s probably something I should be ashamed of.. but I’m not. I also read a lot, spend as much time outside as possible, and have a normal amount of hobbies. I just like TV. When I am completely exhausted from the day, and feel tapped out, nothing is more […]