Weekend Trip

This past weekend we got outta town with a couple friends, and headed up to Boone, NC. Despite living in NC for most of my life, I’ve never really been to Boone. Except for the one time when I was 8 that I barely remember, and don’t count. I’m just more of a beach person […]

Dealing With It

This hasn’t been my week. I’m not feeling particularly motivated or inspired on any of my projects, planning for the future (something I try to constantly be working on) has seemed fruitless, my apartment’s a mess, and it’s been a struggle to not be constantly shoving leftover birthday cake in my face. I try not […]

Fresh on Mint!

I have some really exciting news today. I am a new contributor at Mint (the design blog, not the budgeting website, OBVS.) Mint is one of my favorite design blogs, so of course I am psyched to be a contributor. I will be posting artist interviews the first Monday of every month.  My first post […]