Aubrey and Brenton

Today I am bringing you some invitations I designed last year for Aubrey and Brenton. They were married in Cary, NC (you can see photos from their wedding here), and wanted an invitation suite that would be glamorous and autumnal, but not use traditional fall colors. We started with a photo Save The Date, and […]

Letterpressed Christmas Cards

I am all about some holiday cards. I just love getting them in the mail, and I OF COURSE make a big project out of sending them. I have been working on this year’s cards since November, and I am going to share them here because unlike last year, when I did a terrible job, […]

Graduation Announcement

I thought I’d share a quick little project I worked on last month – Michelle was graduating and wanted a graduation announcement to commemorate her accomplishments. I am continually impressed by the graduates who find their way to my site – they are almost all doing amazing scientific, engineer-y things, and I get so excited […]

Good-For-Now Business Cards

Ugh. Business cards. Lemme tell you, as a designer, these are super stressful. They’re almost obsolete, but you still need them occasionally, it’s an opportunity to be super creative and clever – there are business card designs out there that will blow your mind – but printing costs add up, and do you really want […]

Jess & Dawson Moving Announcements

Recently my friends Jessica and Dawson bought a house! How exciting is that! Something that isn’t so exciting is that it’s in California, and I live all the way over here in North Carolina, soo.. I’m not really sure why they’re buying property in Cali when they are clearly going to have to move back […]

The Detail That Could Take Your Party To The Next Level

Alcohol! Just kidding! Today we’re going to talk about place cards. I designed these place cards (above) for a client’s bat mitzvah, and they really got me thinking about how it’s a detail that’s often overlooked, but can really make an event way better. When I have dinner parties, I usually get a little frazzled, […]


I wanted to share a little project I finished up a couple months ago. FoundationMed is a new practice opening up in North Raleigh (and I happen to know the owners pretty well – they’re my parents!) They needed a brochure to help generate interest for their practice, so I jumped at the opportunity to […]

Oy Vey

I’ve mentioned before that I have been struggling with designer’s block (or burnout) and boy, it hit hard this week. I haven’t been feeling particularly well, or sleeping particularly well, which leads to me not THINKING particularly well. Nothing is more frustrating than clearly knowing what I need to do in order to move forward, […]

Today was a little harder than anticipated

Sustainability Walking Tour

The Sustainability Walking Tour is another project I completed while working at the North Carolina State University Sustainability Office. It is a sustainable walking tour map, which takes the user around campus and and highlights the more sustainable features of NC State. My boss wanted to use a Z-Card, as it is business card sized […]