Real Talk!

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Who I was, and who I am

This weekend I did some work on my blog, which involved going through all 420 posts one by one. It was pretty tedious, but also really fun to see how my blogging style has evolved in the three ish years I’ve been blogging here. While I definitely feel like I’ve come pretty far since my […]

Real Talk!

It’s finally here – part two of Real Talk: When Clients Freak. If you haven’t signed up yet for Real Talk, my email newsletter that deals with the realities of the creative entrepreneurship lifestyle – warts and all, you can do so below – I’d love to have you join the conversation! Subscribe to Real […]

Let’s Talk About Clients Freaking Out

Happy Monday! (Oh my god that just gave me flashbacks to when there was someone in my life who would say that to me every. single. Monday – gross.) If you haven’t signed up for Real Talk yet, I think today is the day you should do it. I’m dishing on what I do when […]

Let’s talk about creative space

Hey guys, it’s Monday! You know what that means… time for episode two of Real Talk – and it’s a good one. (Although let’s be honest – am I ever going to send something I think is crappy?) Today I’m talking about what it means to give yourself creative space, and why for me, at […]

Real Talk: Let’s Talk About Why

Photo courtesy of Creative Process Photography Guess what! Today is the day that Real Talk goes live for the very first time. I will be talking about WHY I’m writing a newsletter, and what specifically I’ll be covering (hint: it gets real juicy!). It goes out today at 11 AM EST, so make sure you […]

Introducing Real Talk

Long time readers may remember that I started an email newsletter a LONG time ago, sent out exactly one, and then never did anything with it ever again. I felt really guilty spamming people’s inboxes with non-valuable content, and it’s taken me this long to think of something that would actually add value to people’s […]