The Field Notes From My Couch Surplus Store

Hello, loved ones. I have an exciting announcement to make today. I reopened my Etsy shop. I was doing a lot of cleaning and organizing, and I realized that I tend to have a lot of leftover craft gear. Things like extra fabric, extra yarn, extra cards from my card selling days… And I often […]


From left to right, top row: 1 2 3 middle 1 3 bottom 1 2 3 Now that I’m walking everywhere (which is going GREAT, being outside so much is really boosting my mood, and when you walk everywhere you get to buy new shoes because of comfort and style!) I’m finding myself in need of […]

Shop Feature: Tree Hollow Designs

I’m always on the look out for unique art for my home. Unfortunately, at this stage it’s mostly looking – my walls are maxed out! I was excited to come across Tree Hollow Designs – I love Jessica’s watercolor prints (especially that lil’ narwhal!) and it’s definitely worth clicking through to see her landscapes – […]

Shopaholic: Blink

Something I’ve noticed about the blog community is that it can feel like the same shops/items get featured on blogs over and over again. If something shows up in one place, it’s sure to filter through about 10 different blogs over the next month, and it can get boring. There are a lot of good […]

Vanessa & Benjamin

This is a special project I’d like to share with you today. When Vanessa contacted me to do individual water color pieces for her wedding invitations, I thought she wanted the whole shebang, both painting and design. She clarified that they were actually going to just set type that their letterpress printer already had on […]

Calligraphy Here I Come

I’ve posted teasers from this project before, and it probably seems like it’s taking me forever to you know, actually put up the project. That’s because this project did indeed take me forever. It’s probably the one thing that I’ve put the most hours into, because every single element is hand made, and because of […]

Animals Wearing Clothes

All images copyright Berkley Illustration. Click the image to visit the listing! The other day, David and I were in one of our favorite downtown bars, sipping on Old Fashioneds (well, at least I was) and ogling the artwork. They had these really whimsical animal illustrations on the walls, and if I hadn’t known about […]

Like Me!

If you know me at all, you know that I am not much of a Facebook person. Sure, I loved it when I just got to college and it was the cool thing to do. I loved being able to creep on anyone I met online, and find out all about them without ever actually […]

Fresh Starts & Celebrations

I started Love Citron before I even knew I wanted to be a freelancer. It was almost an act of desperation. My job search was not going well, and I needed to do something. Love Citron was my first step toward independence. I never intended for it to become a full time job, but rather […]


I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about branding lately. It’s about that time for me to update my website and blog design, and that got me thinking about my shop. Lately, I have had a major creative block when it comes to my shop. It lacks consistency, and with all the shops out there […]