Welcome To The Good Life

Good morning friends! First up, I wanted to let you know that I put a ton of new stuff up on Love Citron. I have expanded the line of Awesome cards to now include other sayings, like: There are a million more over at the shop! If you are looking for something different, stay tuned. […]

New Shop Additions

You may have noticed last week that I put up a few new cards on my Etsy shop. I’m excited to be featuring some new birthday cards! I am focusing on simple and sweet messages silkscreened on quality paper.   I also made a new thank you card! I will be honest, this was an […]

It’s Beginning To Feel A Lot Like… November

So funny story… Remember how I talked about how Daylight Savings Time totally screwed up my exercise schedule? Well, David and I decided to try to walk in the mornings sometimes instead. This was a big deal for me, because I hate waking up early, and I hate being cold. I thought that at least […]

Holiday Cards Are Here!

It’s finally here.. the moment I am sure all of you have been waiting for with bated breath:   Holiday cards hold a special place in my heart, since they were the first things I stocked in my shop almost a year ago. What a year it’s been! My cards this year feature a mix […]

A Nice Thing, Now

I am very (veryveryvery) excited to link you to my first giveaway! I love Nice Things Now, and I’ve been reading Leah’s personal blog for years, so I feel like we are friends (albeit one – sided friends, since I’ve commented like, once.) She gave me a suuper nice writeup, and I have just been […]


Halloween is just around the corner! If just around the corner means a month from now. I have been more excited about Halloween and autumn in general this year than I have been in quite some time. I think it can be partially attributed to the fact that for the first time in two years […]

Hooray, it’s the Weekend!

I have to say, I am looking forward to one last hurrah soaking up the sun, drinking some pool beer, and pretending I’m 8 and have to go back to school on Tuesday. Can you say school supply shopping? I really do need some pens.. Even though I’ve been taking a mini staycation this week, […]

OMG Ya’ll!

This is a pretty exciting day for me. I am finally ready to start rolling out my new LoveCitron products that I’ve been working so hard on! Beyond my excitement to show off my stuff to people other than my dog, I feel this represents a new and exciting step in my freelance journey. I […]

Here Comes The Wedding Stationery

I have had weddings on the brain lately. My childhood best friend recently asked me to be in her wedding, and two of my cousins just got engaged over the past weekend. (Another cousin had a baby, and we had a family reunion. It was a big week for our family!) I am designing invitations […]

Father’s Day!

Something awesome about being a graphic designer who also has an online card shop is the fact that whenever a holiday rolls around, I usually just happen to have an appropriate card laying around. It makes me feel a little bit like a superhero. So when David asked me if I could whip something up […]