Aubrey and Brenton

Today I am bringing you some invitations I designed last year for Aubrey and Brenton. They were married in Cary, NC (you can see photos from their wedding here), and wanted an invitation suite that would be glamorous and autumnal, but not use traditional fall colors. We started with a photo Save The Date, and […]

Sarah + Ryan

Probably my least favorite part about designing invitations is the wait after they’re finished. I don’t feel right showcasing them in a more public way until the wedding is over, so it’s kind of a bummer when I spend a lot of time making something I’m excited about, only to have to wait a couple […]

Calligraphy Here I Come

I’ve posted teasers from this project before, and it probably seems like it’s taking me forever to you know, actually put up the project. That’s because this project did indeed take me forever. It’s probably the one thing that I’ve put the most hours into, because every single element is hand made, and because of […]

Justine & Jake

Justine and Jake contacted me earlier this year about doing a custom watercolor invitation for them. Individually hand painted invitations proved to be a bit out of their budget, so we came up with a solution that I believe captures the spirit of what they originally wanted. I made several different watercolor paintings for them, […]

Fresh Starts & Celebrations

I started Love Citron before I even knew I wanted to be a freelancer. It was almost an act of desperation. My job search was not going well, and I needed to do something. Love Citron was my first step toward independence. I never intended for it to become a full time job, but rather […]

Sneak Peek

You might ask what I am so busy doing. One of the lame parts about designing and making things is that I can’t usually publicly talk about it while it’s a work in progress.  By the time I do share things, they’ve usually been done for a while, and my excitement has simmered down to […]

Wedding Announcements

This week, I wasn’t feeling so hot, but I inched closer to finishing up some projects, and I am really excited for the weekend. So this post is going to be kind of brief, but be sure to go check out the wedding announcements I designed over at Oh So Beautiful Paper!     Michelle […]

4 New Wedding Suites

  A while back, I was offered the opportunity to participate in a wedding expo. This was exciting, however it meant that I spend about four straight days making 4 new wedding suites products, so I would have something to showcase! It was pretty fun. Anyway, I have been slowly putting these suites up on […]

Watercolor Wedding Invitations

I have always loved weddings. I love how romantic it is to stand up in front of your friends and family and celebrate your love for another person, I love the fun parties that come along with that, and most of all, I love how it is an opportunity to have a lot of great […]