Embroidered Monogram Ornaments

Holiday ornaments are an easy way to give an awesome gift. I love that my tree is filled with mostly gifted ornaments – I have some that my aunt made for me in the late 80s, and early 90s, and I love putting up my tree and having a nice memory attached to each ornament. […]

Sewed: A Khaki Anorak

One piece of clothing I really wanted for fall was a khaki anorak. I love how casual and cool they look, and I was ready for a break from my trench coat collection. While I was excited to find a pattern that would fit the bill, I was pretty nervous to actually get started on […]

50 Dollars For A T-Shirt?

I’ve been really excited to make myself some tops. It seems like the perfect project, you know? Just like, a couple pieces to cut out, a couple steps to follow, and presto! Success! Oh, me. Don’t you ever learn? I have had a string of shirt failures. Fabric issues, pattern issues, you name it, I’ve […]


For my second finished sewing project, I put together this blouse. I feel a little torn about it – I like the fabric I picked out a lot, and I like the top a lot in theory – but I haven’t found a lot to wear it with that doesn’t make me feel weirdly dressed […]

DIY Jeans, DIY Life

Okay, so I kind of spoiled myself on Instagram a while ago, but I was too excited to hold back – I made jeans! I made them with my hands! And a sewing machine! Let me back up – I was pretty down and out about my previous sewing failures. So down and out it […]

New Dog Bed

So I kind of lied earlier this week… because I forgot about my most recent sewing success. It’s a dog bed! Caspian really likes to be with us (…I think), so we’ve always had a comfy dog bed out in the main room of our apartment. It was actually a cushion from an outdoor love […]

Sewing Update

I feel bad. I have all these sewing projects that I want to share with you guys, but I haven’t gotten around to taking pictures of them. And the reason is… I don’t feel like I’ve made anything that great yet. Sure, they actually resemble clothes, and technically they’re alright, but everything I put on […]

making my own clothes

Transitional months are always a little tough for me. I want so badly to live in the moment and enjoy what I’m experiencing.. in this case, summer, but I’m also always looking forward to the season ahead. I have work really hard at staying in the present, and not fantasizing about the future, aka birthday/halloween/thanksgiving/fall […]

Maybe This Isn’t Meant To Be

Full disclosure: I wrote this post a couple months ago, and if you follow me on Instagram you know I’ve been sewing more since then. So don’t feel too bad for me – I think I should share the ups and downs of my creative attempts, so that’s why I’m posting this, even if it’s […]

‘Simplicity’ Is A Lie

(sorry these pictures are crappy – figuring out how to take a non blurry photo of myself on my nice camera is beyond my capabilities at the moment) I finally started working on a for real sewing project! After completing my pillows, I was emboldened enough to move on to clothes. I took a trip […]