Currently Coveting: Chesterfields

I am so over our couch. It’s the Ikea classic, the Karlstad, and while this probably isn’t surprising to anyone else, the couch has not held up to wear and tear over the past couple of years very well. It’s saggy, I can’t even handle the chunky blonde legs (we have the ottoman too, and […]

Animals Wearing Clothes

All images copyright Berkley Illustration. Click the image to visit the listing! The other day, David and I were in one of our favorite downtown bars, sipping on Old Fashioneds (well, at least I was) and ogling the artwork. They had these really whimsical animal illustrations on the walls, and if I hadn’t known about […]

Weekend Style

My wardrobe is in definite need of an update, so I’ve been saving my pennies for a shopping spree. Until that time comes, I will dreaming of outfits like this one. Relaxed, stylish, and able to go from brunch to laying around in the grass watching an outdoor movie (one of my favorite summertime activities), […]

Wish List: Laser Cut Shoes

Something I’ve been noticing around my corner of the internet is that cut out shoes are popping up more and more. I recently grabbed a pair for a wedding (the Calvin Kleins).. and then sadly had to return them. I could easily see a flat pair becoming my go-to shoes for the summer. They’re polished, […]

Nail Polish

  Nail Polish by tetedecitron featuring an essie nailpolish Essie nailpolish, $7.79 Christian Dior sparkly nail polish, $23 Christian Dior sparkly nail polish, $23 Deborah Lippmann lacquer nail polish, $16 Nail polish, $15 Butter London bright nail polish, $14 NARS Cosmetics nail polish, £14 Butter London hot pink nail polish, $14 Essie nailpolish, $13 Sephora […]

Fancy Dress

For most of the weddings I am attending this year, I am a bridesmaid – so my outfit is picked out for me. But between the rehearsal dinners, showers, and the other seemingly millions of events surrounding a wedding, I have a lot of outfits to plan. This is an excellent problem to have, since […]

Spring Style

I have been craving spring. I have a short tolerance for winter anyway, but lately we’ve been having beautiful sunny days where the air is almost warm enough to feel spring like – but I know it’s still a little bit off. I miss the long, light days, I miss the warmth of the sun […]

Making a Case for Ipad Cases (I don’t know, I just like puns)

  Picking out iPad cases has turned out to be a harder task than I originally anticipated. It may seem like there are hundreds of adorable cases out there – but finding one that isn’t ugly, but also protects my iPad is more challenging than you might think. I like my cases to have a […]


David and I have started playing racquetball lately. It’s kind of turned into an obsession on my part. It started off as an attempt for me to lure David to the gym with me, since I had stopped going to yoga as much (read: at all), and I wanted both of us to actually use […]

Santa, are you reading this?

I don’t actually go shopping a lot, but I love to do the whole ‘pretend you have all the money in the world’ online shopping spree. Now that it’s gift giving season, I thought I’d pick out a few presents for myself. Let’s be honest, it’s mostly clothes, but I threw a few books in […]