A quick note…

To say that things have been kind of busy, and I’m hungry all the time, and I’ve been hating everything I’ve written lately (probably because it’s all written in a state of hanger), so I’m taking a little break and I’ll be back in a couple weeks. Eat a cookie for me!

Happy Thanksukkah!

Welcome to the best weekend of the year. I hope you’re ready. According to my grandmother, this is the only time that Thanksgiving and Hanukkah will coincide in 8000 years. I am not sure where she’s getting her facts from, and I’m not totally sure I believe her, since this is the woman who also […]

Good-For-Now Business Cards

Ugh. Business cards. Lemme tell you, as a designer, these are super stressful. They’re almost obsolete, but you still need them occasionally, it’s an opportunity to be super creative and clever – there are business card designs out there that will blow your mind – but printing costs add up, and do you really want […]

I didn’t forget about this blog…

I’ve just been hanging out here! Posting will resume on Monday.

Bad News..

I am completely out of ideas for things to post here. I attribute this to being super busy, being thisclose to a vacation, and the fact that my creativity drops when I get tired and I get tired when it’s rainy out, and guess what? It’s rainy here! Unfortunately, I just took a break and […]

A Case Of The Mondays

This has definitely been one of those mornings where I just wish I could crawl back into bed and have a do-over. It started with being parked out of my car (that’s where someone parks so close to your door that you can’t open it/get into your car) and continued when I left my computer […]

Summer Style

Around here, spring is definitely in the air (along with the not-so-exciting clouds of green pollen). It’s warm, leaves are popping out all over the place, and the sun is setting later and later. It’s getting me pumped up for summer! Summer is definitely my favorite season. I love how excited I get thinking about […]


I spend a lot of time deciding what kinds of fonts I want/need to use for projects. I am always on the lookout for new typefaces, and I always have a little wishlist of things I will buy when the need arises. Buttermilk, by Jessica Hische is definitely at the top of that list. I’ve […]


I’m working on a baby announcement, and I thought I’d share some of the blogs that I look to for inspiration when starting new projects! Grain Edit   features a lot of graphic designers and illustrators. Their style tends toward vintage/retro 1950s, which I think I will always be obsessed with. Darling Dexter is a […]


I was so excited to see that the AMAZING blog Oh So Beautiful Paper featured David’s invitations! I have spent countless hours perusing the great invitations and paper products that they show. You can read the post here