Chair Update

dining room style

Happy Monday! I am probably way too perky this afternoon – but I’m excited to share this project with you. I’ve had these weird green chairs for a while, and while I loved the shape, and actually I kind of loved the green fabric too, it just wasn’t doing a lot for my space. I’d been keeping my eyes open for fabric for a while, but I didn’t have anything particular in mind.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago at the flea market. There was this guy (we call him the fabric guy) who my mom met once at the flea market, and she said he had amazing fabrics for super cheap. He only comes every couple of weeks, and I had been visiting the flea market specifically to find him and see his beautiful fabrics for myself. It took about six weeks for the stars to align and for us to actually catch up with him, but he did not disappoint. He had the most beautiful fabrics for 6 dollars a yard – and I was psyched to find this ikat fabric that I thought would be perfect for the chairs.

dining room style

I’ve never recovered anything before, but it ended up being super easy. The hardest part was unscrewing the chair base from the seat! For a project that was so quick and easy, it certainly made a big impact in the dining room. That corner looks so fresh and inviting now, and I love having a little more pattern that’s still a neutral.

  • Gabie

    Alison- the chairs look amazing! So glad that you were able to find the fabric guy again because this is great!