Checking In

You may have noticed I’ve been somewhat MIA from the internet lately. Work has been busy, and it’s a lot of hand-made stuff, so I haven’t been on the computer much, and you guys, it’s summer. Vacations are coming up, there’s walks/runs to be taken in the evenings after work, friends want to do stuff, and on the weekends when I usually catch up I’ve just been lazing around, floating and reading at the pool, or enjoying the ac from my couch.

Basically, I’ve been busy but also slacking. Case in point; I did this yesterday:

burlap curtains

I had the idea to replace the busy pattern filled curtains in the living room with longer, more neutral ones. I wanted more texture and less in your face, since the room is so small.  I found burlap online for super cheap, and ordered 7 yards. (I needed 7 feet. I am dumb.) It was a long shot, but I cut it to the right length and just clipped it up, no sewing, no ironing. Maybe it would look good? WRONG. It looks like crap, and it smells so, so chemical-y and bad. Just, bad. Whatever, you win some, you lose some, and with a little sewing and ironing and washing, the problem will be solved. But let’s be honest, that’s probably not going to happen for at least a month. Let’s hope that my mom will take pity on me and come over to help me fix this mess before anyone comes over.

It’s tempting to feel stressed when things are a little crazy. It’s almost like a comfort thing for me, I am so important, I am so STRESSED, but actually I’m having fun. Work has been feeling like summer camp, especially today, when all I’m doing is hand-lettering stuff for hours on end, and I’ve got a fun month coming up. Maybe it’s okay that I can’t blog on a totally consistent schedule right this second. I’ll have tons of fun stuff to write about when it’s all said and done, so maybe I should just relax and enjoy the ride. The ride to curtains that don’t look like an idiot made them.