The past couple of days, I’ve been super-focused on a project, which makes me happy. Unfortunately, it meant that I forgot to put this post up yesterday… whoops. That in no way should reflect on the quality of this drink recipe, however, because I can’t wait to spice up my Sunday brunch with a bloody rooster!

bloody mary sriracha recipe

Last weekend, while I was making Bloody Marys, I realized I was out of Worcestershire sauce. Oh no! However, that got me thinking of other ingredients I could add. How about Sriricha? Oh yeah! Sriracha is a spicy, delicious sauce from Thailand, and people who like it, really like it. It’s not a replacement for the sweet, clovey taste of Worcestershire sauce, but it was worth trying.

Here is what I came up with:

Bloody Rooster:

3oz tomato juice

2oz vodka

splash of lemon juice

pinch of salt

pinch of black pepper

generous squirt of Sriricha

a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce (I didn’t use it, but you should)

Pour all the ingredients over ice and shake. Then fill a large glass with ice, and strain the drink into the glass. Garnish with a celery stalk, or really anything else you can think of.

bloody mary sriracha recipe

Success! Alison and I both really liked it! The hot sauce gave the drink that kick-in-the-mouth flavor we both enjoy (like jalapeno cocktails, yum). Adding hot sauce to a Bloody Mary isn’t anything new, but I was still proud I thought to try Sriracha. In honor of the rooster on the front of Sriracha bottles, I have dubbed the drink, the Bloody Rooster (which you definitely should not Google).

It was still a little disappointing to not have any Worchestershire Sauce. Without it, the drink tasted too much like watery tomato juice. Adding the hard to pronounce sauce gives a Bloody Mary a much fuller flavor. Believe me, the one I’m drinking right now is amazing :)

Bloody Marys are especially fun because they have a very loose definition. Scanning the Wikipedia article shows people like to add many different ingredients, seasonings, and garnishes to theirs. I encourage anyone making the drink to try adding something extra that they enjoy. Like green olives? Throw a couple of those suckers in as a garnish. Put garlic salt on everything? Go crazy!

- David