Currently Coveting: Chesterfields

Chesterfield Sofa Drool

I am so over our couch. It’s the Ikea classic, the Karlstad, and while this probably isn’t surprising to anyone else, the couch has not held up to wear and tear over the past couple of years very well. It’s saggy, I can’t even handle the chunky blonde legs (we have the ottoman too, and one of the legs is permanently stuck on there/the screw got stripped so it’s always crooked and loose, and it drive me ca-raaazy) it doesn’t hold many people comfortably, and now that the foam is all mashed down, it’s not super comfortable.

It’s also dragging down the look of the room. Between the couch and the mini fridge we are currently using as a side table (more on that later) there can be a definite dorm-room vibe. It doesn’t help that we have wii nunchucks out like all the time either..

The problem with buying furniture that could be considered more of a long term investment piece is that a) you have to be confident you’ll like it in 5 years, and b) you’d be super bummed if it got messed up. I think the solution to problem b is to chill out and be okay with maybe reupholstering it down the line, and the solution to problem a is to also chill out (it’s just a couch, you aren’t getting married) and try to pick a classic shape.

Which is how I’ve come to the decision that I really want a chesterfield. Think about it: it’s probably the most classic sofa shape of all time, and while maybe I wouldn’t want it to be my main couch for the rest of my life, it would always look good in a library, and my dream forever home is going to have a beauty and the beast style library, no compromises.

They are also usually very comfortable, and can hold lots of squishy pillows. If style were not an issue, I’d probably be the proud owner of one of those La-z-boy style couches that have the flip out footrest, cupholders, and a cooler in the middle, but since that would be a huge bummer for me to look at every day, we are going to have to try to find the best of both worlds.

I’ve also decided that dark blue would be my ideal color. It’s basically a neutral, but it’s not as harsh as black, and not so light that every spill would show up. Unfortunately, dark blue velvet chesterfields are kind of expensive (the one in the photo starts at $3000) so for right now it is going to remain a beautiful dream, while I save up my money and keep my eyes peeled at the flea market.

I’m hoping that if I ‘put it out there’ my dream couch will somehow just magically present itself to me, maybe I’ll be walking across the flea market, and it will catch my eye, and the vendor will be like ‘oh this old thing? You can have it for $15′.

A girl can dream.