Cold Brew The Way To My Heart

cold brew coffee

I’m only about 100 years late to the trend here, but I had my first cup of cold brewed coffee today, and I think it changed my life. It’s insanely easy to make, and even though you have to wait 12 hours for the payoff, it’s so, so worth it. This morning I took a sip, and the smooth, mellow (but not watery! Still strong!) taste has me hooked. We had a little extra, so I drank it black this afternoon, which used to be out of the question for Alison ‘Cream & Sugar Please,’ Citron. (Side note: I’m going to try not eating sugar for a while. Not regular sugar, not coconut sugar, not honey, no sweeteners at all. Wish me luck.)

If you haven’t already, definitely try making it cold brewed. The taste is remarkably different from regular coffee, which, after years of drinking at least a cup a day, is fascinating to me. I think you’re supposed to water it down, but I poured mine over ice, and I was good to go. A great recipe is here, at Smitten Kitchen.



  • Nathan

    “Alison ‘Cream & Sugar Please,’ Citron” Trying out new branding?