I watch a lot of TV. It’s probably something I should be ashamed of.. but I’m not. I also read a lot, spend as much time outside as possible, and have a normal amount of hobbies. I just like TV. When I am completely exhausted from the day, and feel tapped out, nothing is more restorative than crashing on my couch with David (or Caspian, sometimes) and zoning out.

That’s not to say I don’t have TV standards. No reality shows, and I quickly lose interest in shows that don’t have a strong plotline and don’t make me laugh. I prefer TV to movies most of the time, because I like watching characters and their relationships develop over a longer period of time. It’s more believable, and when it’s done right, so enjoyable.

It’s also a nice thing to share with David. We talk a lot during shows, and have been known to take pause breaks just to discuss something that just happened. Sometimes we talk about the characters like they’re real people, and we enjoying trying to figure out what’s going to happen next.

Since we are such TV connoisseurs, you would think that we would have been on it when it comes to watching Community. It is, after all, super popular and definitely one of the best shows on right now. Actually, my younger brother finally persuaded us to give it a try – I had watched the pilot and dismissed it – and he was totally right. Community is really clever. It is full of pop culture references and inside jokes, and it’s like a game to try to catch them all. The cast of characters is diverse in their personalities and surprisingly realistic. I especially love how the characters sometimes take on personas that aren’t exactly their own in order to fit a theme, but you can totally buy into it.

We blasted through the first two and a half seasons in a matter of weeks. It was that good. I’m counting down the days until the next episode airs, and trying to get all of my friends to start watching in the meantime.

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