Craft Life

craft idea roundup

I’ve been in a pretty crafty mood lately. I think it’s because the changing of the seasons always gets me excited about things like decorating and organizing. I don’t know why this happens, but it’s always been that way. Even when I was little. Lucky for me, the days are getting shorter, and I’m going to need something to do when it’s dark at 5 and I’m battling a major case of SAD. So I put together a few crafts to get me through the increasingly darker nights.

1. This is weird, but I’ve never made a lanyard. It’s like my white whale of crafts. Okay, not really that dramatic, but I’ve always thought they looked super cool and hard (because I don’t know how to make it) so I’m excited to make something I’d actually wear with one.

2. I’ve felt like making a quilt for a while now. Since I don’t have a sewing machine this one might take a while to accomplish.

3. This wreath would be a pretty fall decoration!

4. These poufs would be cool to have on hand when lots of people are over.. but let’s be honest, Caspian would probably just use them to create MegaBed.

5. I’ve been seeing these cool large scale crocheted doilies as rugs… and I want one. I ordered some cotton rope, and I’m going to make one using this pattern.

6. These bowls are so pretty and sparkly!