Dealing With It

glad this week is over
This hasn’t been my week. I’m not feeling particularly motivated or inspired on any of my projects, planning for the future (something I try to constantly be working on) has seemed fruitless, my apartment’s a mess, and it’s been a struggle to not be constantly shoving leftover birthday cake in my face. I try not to keep food that is bad for me in the apartment, because the self-control struggle that takes place is exhausting. I’m really fun to live with!

It’s okay. It’s hard to not feel like every day is precious time where I need to hit my ideal productivity and do incredible, flawless work, but I’ve been really big on giving myself breaks lately. Not necessarily breaks from working, but mental breaks. I can’t be incredible 100% of the time. A lot of success is just consistency, right?

Anyway, this week has been blah, but I found some cool stuff on the internet, so it isn’t totally a wash!

+ I thought I was too sophisticated for jello shots, but I guess I was wrong.

+ Feeding my post apocalyptic obsession/terror

+ You read my first guest post on Mint, right?

+ This wedding is crazypants. In a good way. I think.