DIY Cones


A couple years ago my cousin gave me this sequined tree as a gift for Christmas. I love it – I like the modern shape and it’s sparkly so it’s really pushing all my buttons. After a few years decorating with it, however, I decided it was a little lonely and needed some friends. I’ve been seeing these cones everywhere, but it seems like such a bummer to pay actual money for something that I might not be into in a couple years. I’m weird about decor like that – if it feels like an heirloom and I love it, I will spend whatever I have to, but if I feel like it’s trendy or not well made, I am the cheapest person in the world.


Lucky for me, I had seen these DIYs a few weeks ago, and I had them in mind when I picked up some tinsel garland at Target last week. I went a little rogue on the making a cone – I just used an old clothes box and twisted it, and then trimmed the base – you can see that one of them is a little tilty. I used hot glue and it took me maybe 10 minutes to complete both of them. I love them. I love that they match, I love how fluffy they are, and I especially love that it cost me $3 to make both of them, as opposed to $10-$40. Not that those are an exact copy, but it’s the same look.

If you’re feeling like you want to pump up your holiday decor last minute, this is a great project to try. I also think it would be cool to make a mega cone that’s covered in ornaments, but that might be another project for another year.

  • SpotOfTeaDesigns

    Your cones came out great! Thanks for sharing and linking to me! :)