DIY Lanyard Bracelet

diy lanyard bracelet

Does it take away from my crafter cred if I tell you that I had to have my boyfriend teach me how to make a lanyard? I always thought they were so cool – but somehow I missed the day when everyone in the world except for me learned how to make them. Luckily, 15 years later, I finally got with the program, and got my craft on!

I thought they turned out really cute. I feel like with most jewelry you’re like oh, this is a good idea… but it looks totally homemade. This has enough interest that it doesn’t look like you whipped it up in an arts and crafts center at Camp Whatever. But it’s still simple enough to do it in front of the TV.

If you’re interested in making your own, you can find the craft instructions here. I have to say, I never in a million years thought that Lauren Conrad would be such a craft resource (I mean… why was she never making this stuff when she was on the Hills?!) but here we are.

Is anyone else into making their own jewelry? I’ve been making rings lately.. it’s a lot more challenging than lanyarding!