DIY Wire Ornaments


When we were putting up our tree this year, I realized I never shared these ornaments I made last year. I love those wire hangers that people use in wedding photos all the time, and I thought that would make an excellent ornaments. It took a little practice but I could pretty quickly make some cute ornaments that looked great tied around a bottle of wine or across a present. I actually made some that were personalized too, but a batch of our ornaments somehow went missing (?!) and I can’t find them anywhere. I’m trying not to freak out, since I’ll probably come across them somewhere really dumb in March, but I also really hope I didn’t lose the lasercut Etsy ornament I bought David last year, and a bunch of handmade stuff. (sob)

Anyway, I thought maybe you, like me, would need a last minute gift idea, and these are pretty easy! All you need is wire and jewelry pliers.

  • lacey

    i haaaate when i misplace things and then find them later when it’s no longer seasonally/event/holiday/vacation necessary. i hope you find them! these ornaments are cute! they’d be cool as gift tags, too, if you’re feeling really ambitious. what gauge wire did you use, might i ask?