New Dog Bed

diy dog bed

So I kind of lied earlier this week… because I forgot about my most recent sewing success. It’s a dog bed! Caspian really likes to be with us (…I think), so we’ve always had a comfy dog bed out in the main room of our apartment. It was actually a cushion from an outdoor love seat that was handed down from my mom, but since he is a giant, and big dog beds are a bazillion dollars, it did the trick.

diy dog bed

Lately, it had been looking pretty grungy, and I realized that it kind of looked like a poor sad pillow laying on the floor. That wouldn’t do. Add in the fact that I had a bunch of spare pillows/stuffing laying around, and it was looking like it was time for a dog bed upgrade. I found this really cool fabric at the flea market. It looks kind of like a kilim rug, which is perfect since it will live on the floor. It’s also nice and thick – the other bed cover was ripping a little bit, probably due to extended scratching sessions. I also liked that it was patterned, and it hopefully won’t show dirt and stains as easily. Even though I try to keep Caspian clean, he’s a dog, and dogs are gross.

The bed itself was pretty easy to put together – I measured slightly bigger than the cushion, and cut out six pieces, and then sewed them together, pressing out the seams as I went. I found some instructions online for making a box cushion, but they seemed unnecessarily complicated. Then again, I knew this wouldn’t need to be fitted over a piece of foam or anything – I was going for cheap filling, aka stuffing extra pillows and batting in there.

diy dog bed

My proudest moment was figuring out how to make a little flap to hide the zipper. Basic stuff, but it’s the little things.

diy dog bed

I am really pleased with how much better this looks – It looks like I actually meant to put a bed there, instead of an afterthought. I think Caspian likes it too – he boycotted the change for a couple weeks, but I’ve caught him snoozing on it more recently, and I have to say, it looks preeeettty comfortable.

I’m ready to tackle some more sewing projects this weekend, so maybe I’ll have something to share next week! Then again, maybe I shouldn’t get ahead of myself.. Have a great weekend!

  • betty

    I am a dog lover and can’t stop laughing at your last pic of Caspian, very funny. And btw, nice cushion

    • Alison Citron

      Thanks! He cracks me up – dogs are so funny! :)