Elizabeth & Joe

beautiful wedding collage

Back in May, my cousin Elizabeth got married. I know I’ve mentioned it here, but today I am going to talk about their wedding. It’s a super image heavy post, so get ready!

I love weddings, and this one was particularly important to me because Elizabeth is one of my best friends, and it was the first wedding where I was a bridesmaid. Childhood dream, achieved!

Probably my favorite thing about the whole day was how happy everyone was. One of my favorite things about Elizabeth is that she’s just a generally happy person, but that day she just radiated joy, and it was so special to see just how excited and happy she and Joe were together. You could feel the support and love of everyone who attended, and when it was time to dance, the energy was so high you couldn’t help but get caught up in it.

beautiful wedding collage

It was a fun and relaxed morning. We got our hair done in Elizabeth’s childhood bedroom, where Liz and I spent a lot of nights staying up waay too late and talking about everything from how good Febreeze smelled on your pillow to her upcoming marriage. The hair stylist arrived a little early, and actually walked in while I was still in bed, which was a fun way to meet her!

After the ceremony, we got to ride around in a trolley, and eat sandwiches, and have a drink. I think we all got progressively more nervous leading up to the ceremony, so it was nice to have the pressure off, and have a second to eat something. When we arrived at the reception site, there were more photos, then it was time for the cocktail hour, and dinner! The rest of the evening was incredibly fun. In my family, weddings are for dancing, and there was a great live band, making the dancing even more fun.

beautiful wedding collage

I loved all of the details of Elizabeth and Joe’s wedding. My cousin Madalyn (Elizabeth’s sister) painted all of the place settings, making these amazing little canvases that were a lovely souvenir. The site of the reception was just spectacular. Cocktail hour was in this beautiful hall, with high ceilings and big columns. It had the most wonderful light, but I was really blown away by where the dinner and dancing was. It was this big hall, with a glass ceiling, which made me feel like I was partying at Hogwarts. We had arranged the flowers ourselves the day before, so it was fun to see all the elements come together. Other special details included a cookie bar filled with home made cookies, programs that I designed (well, it was special to me), a sign that looked like it was made from scrabble tiles, spelling out their last name, and goofy party hats for when the dancing really heated up.

beautiful wedding collage

It was such a fun, special night, and I was so happy to be there. I know their awesome wedding was the first of many years of happy memories to come.

Most of these photos are courtesy of Locke Innovations Photography, but some are from my dad.

  • http://aunatureldesign.blogspot.ca/ Michaela {au naturel design}

    That looks like so much fun and it’s so special when it’s someone close to you. I was just a bridesmaid for the first time and had so much fun with all the girls. I love the colour of the bridesmaid dresses and that each person got to pick their own style. The little easels are a genius idea…I might use that, eventually. Take care.