Fair Isle Knitted Hat

fair isle knitted hat

Fair Isle, or stranded, knitting blows my mind. It’s right up there with cables, things that I thought were reserved for super experienced knitters. I’m not sure what I thought qualified you to attempt fair isle knitting, but for a long time, I thought I lacked that qualification. I don’t know, maybe once you knitted a certain amount of yarn (a million yards?) someone from the Knitting Association would come and pronounce you ready?

Anyway, here is a dirty little secret: both cables and stranded knitting are easy to do if you already have a basic knowledge of knitting. I wouldn’t recommend attempting this project if it’s your first time trying colorwork – between using really similar colors, not knowing how to knit on double pointed needles, and getting comfortable with stranded knitting, that was a bad, bad idea, one I eventually gave up – but it’s not some secret, magical process that only super advanced knitters can attempt.

fair isle knitted hat

That being said, this was my first colorwork pattern, and I super recommend it. I made the hat as a Christmas gift, and it was both really easy, and really rewarding to see the pattern come to life. Using variegated yarn was a great idea, as well. It makes it look like you worked SO much harder on it than you actually did, and I think it would be cool to try a yarn with even more color variety – it could look like a really spazzy pattern, which might be neat.

Here is the pattern I used, if you’re interested in trying this out for yourself – it’s a fun, quick project!