I Made Felted Stockings

felted stockings diy

I’ve always been a little stocking obsessed. When I was small my mom made my stocking that still hangs in our home today. I loved it – it’s got applique and little bells on it and it was basically like a toy that got filled with toys. I’ve also always liked the idea of filling a sock with gifts. I am on board with anything involving gifts.

So I was pretty excited when David and I decided to hop on board the stocking train last year. We bought tiny stockings from Target after we realized that actual, nice stockings are hella expensive, and I decided to make some ‘next year’. Well guess what, bitches. Next year is here!

felted stockings diy

I was going to put this off for another year, but then I found these and knew I had to make them. I used ecological wool, (that store got me my wool within the week, btw) and this pattern. (I added 15 rows to the top so that I could fold it over). They knitted up super quickly, and felted up even better, which was a huge relief. I’ve never felted anything before, so I am very happy that they turned out so well and all my knitting was not for naught.

I do want to embroider mine and David’s initials in white yarn on them at some point, but honestly I’m kind of scared to mess them up, so maybe I’ll get them monogrammed? I don’t know.

felted stockings diy

Here’s a shot of them in our space. We don’t have a mantel like all you lucky people with fireplaces, so we hang them over the bar. It’s real whimsical.

  • Shayla

    Those stockings ROCK! I was admiring them and had no idea you had made them :) Well done and Cheers!!!!!!

    • http://oneandonly.im/blog Alison Citron

      Thank you Shayla! Not knowing they were homemade is the best compliment you can give me! :D

  • Gabrielle

    WHOA! Those look amazing! You did such a great job on them. What a speedy little knitter you are!

    • http://oneandonly.im/blog Alison Citron

      Thanks, Gabrielle! They were a fun project – I felt like it went super quickly, and by the time I was sick of them, they were done!

  • lacey

    these look great! two of my college girlfriends and i get together every year and exchange stockings filled with goodies. these babies could hold massive amounts of treats! #impressed