Freelance, Month 11

freelance month 11

I just now realized that I accidentally skipped a month of documenting my freelance journey. Whoops!

Either way, my first year of freelancing is coming to a close. The time has passed much more quickly than I would have anticipated, and half of me is psyched about how far I’ve come, while the other half feels like I should have accomplished so much more.

The biggest lesson I’ve learned in the past two months is to accept the way that I am, and the way that I work. I’ve been adhering to a pretty strict 9-5, M-F schedule, which has yielded mixed results. When I have specific tasks that I have to accomplish, I can be freakishly productive. If I am staring down a long to-do list, it’s no problem for me to put my head down and get cracking. It’s the other days that give me trouble – the ones where I have some goals I’d like to reach, but no specific plan to get there, and nobody holding me accountable if I spend the morning surfing the internet. It’s sort of a like this loop of despair – I feel like I should be working, but anything I do won’t yield immediate results, so I don’t do anything, and then I hate myself for wasting time, which makes me want to just distract myself from the problem even more. Instead of spending my days that were light on client work getting my personal stuff done, I instead just wasted a bunch of time feeling like I needed to be working but… not accomplishing anything.

But then I had a breakthrough. I told myself as long as I was doing my client work, I could do whatever I wanted with the rest of the time I had. I wouldn’t feel like having lunch with my mom was an interruption of my day, and if I spent an hour in the morning reading or watching TV, I shouldn’t make myself feel guilty. What happened was once I stopped beating myself up, all of these ideas for how to get closer to my goals suddenly came flooding in, and I was way more productive then I had been in weeks.

I do have some goals for this final month before I’ve officially been freelancing for a year.

+ I want to create a definitive list for myself of things that I’ve learned, and what I’ve already accomplished. It’s easy to feel sad because I could always be better -but I’d rather feel confident because I’ve already done a lot!

+ I want to have a list of goals for the upcoming year – and I want to make a plan for how to accomplish them.

+ I want to updated my portfolio to reflect the work I’ve done over the past year. I’m really bad at keeping up with that, and now that I have a new website design (new blog to come!) I am excited to share some of my more recent projects.

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  • Michaela {au naturel design}

    Alison, I’ve just started blogging about my life as an interior designer who is trying to showcase the simple beauty in nature, while living my life. I’m slowly seeing that each step takes its own time and it’s inspiring to read your story about your motivation and inspiration. Best of luck with this last month, and your future endeavours.

  • Shelley

    I TOTALLY relate to that. I do the exact same thing, so definitely don’t beat yourself up about it. I think it’s human nature. Although a lot of people wouldn’t even be able to do the client work without being in an office and a boss looking over their shoulder. So feel proud for that! I’m trying to invest more time in my personal stuff, and treat myself as a client of sorts. It seems to be helping.

    Thanks for sharing your journey. :)

    • lovecitron

      Thanks for following along. :)

      I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one, sometimes in the blog world it feels like nobody ever procrastinates. Thinking of yourself as a client is great way to look at it! I mean… you are basically investing in your own future by building your skill set.