Freelance: Month 6

UMMM WHAT! I have been doing this for over half a year, that’s what! It feels both much shorter and much, much longer.

This was definitely an awesome month. I was on Design*Sponge! It felt like being on the internet Martha Stewart (which is a life goal of mine – be in Martha Stewart magazine) and it was so gratifying to have people respond so well to my work. My orders on Etsy went way, way up, and I realized that I really do love doing this. Sometimes it’s easy to forget when it feels like you are just working for yourself, but once other people are introduced into the equation – I loved making those orders, and answering emails about custom requests, and basically all the work that came with that was really rewarding.

I also had an amazing personal life this month. It helped that I took the second half of the month off, and that it was the holiday season, but I felt a lot more relaxed and much less worried then I have been. That is something that has carried over into this month so far.

My Goals for Month 6

+ Come up with a yearlong plan for reaching some of my career goals. Did it! Now I have to start following the plan. I’m still playing catch up..

+ Figure out my taxes. Didn’t do it! I’m giving myself a pass because of my unexpected December success, but this is something I hope to accomplish before January ends. I do have a solid plan in place for figuring this out now, at least.

+ Take some time, and enjoy the holidays.  My holidays were great, and I really enjoyed them. I still don’t feel relaxed or refreshed, but I would rather have all the fun memories than all the relaxing in the world.

My Goals For Month 7

+ Complete all of the To-Dos in the January column of my 2012 master plan. There are a lot of them, so I will just leave it at that for right now. I’ll tell you what they are next month!